Our Story

As a boy mom of 5 and wife to a Law Enforcement officer— our lives are jam-packed with joy…but also its hard not to go a little pupule (crazy). So as I went searching for the calm in our created chaos earlier on in motherhood, I prioritized my mental wellness and found my best, most favorite self as a mother and wife was a byproduct of simply being outside.

Connecting to ʻāina (land) and wai (water), nurturing that pilina (relationship), and then modeling it for my babies in the only way I knew how...via solo-parent missions.

Is it easier to wait for "help with the kids" to do anything outside of the house? YES.

Are we built that way? NOPE.

I just wanted to go on all the huakaʻi with my honeybabies!

I was determined to simplify our daily loads and figure out ways to make our ʻāina adventures + beach days easier because nothing was going to stop us from our holoholo dreams.

Buuuuut also, no more rainbows and unicorn blankets or kāne-focused products from big box stores.

Allllll this to say,

We're built for moms, from a mom.

For Hawaiʻi, from Hawaiʻi.

For Pasefika, from Pasefika.

Das it.

meet the māmā

Hui! I'm Teleise

My mom is from Waiʻōhinu. My biological father is from Fagatogo. The man that raised me, in Hilo-Puna-Kaʻū, was from Waimānalo.

I am a Native Hawaiian, Samoan, Japanese, olo-olo-squash, mom of boys. I'm also a wife to a Samoan, Tongan man. Our lives center around Christ, ʻohana, and community.

I have a background in Marriage and Family Therapy, integrating mental wellness and holistic healing in all that we do. Food and flights make my heart happy. I love to walaʻau, but I also love to learn. Our connection to ʻāina, wai, and mahina grounds us in our day-to-day living.

If you're reading this, I'm grateful that you're here exploring and hope that you leave feeling inspired to go out and huakaʻi with your honeys too. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas - reach out and let's walaʻau!

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